A responsive Web Designer with Quality and Affordability in Mind!

An effective web design not only has to look professional on a desktop computer, but also on a mobile device. A web design, that is responsive and functions flawlessly is a must have on all sites designed today. You’ve heard the old saying “less is more.” When it comes to professional-looking websites, this is often the case. You must decide what information is the MOST important to your users and focus on sending that message on your home page. Additional information can be placed on other pages and linked to from the main page.

Our Features

Customer Support

A real person to chat with.

Define Overall Goals

Goals will be discussed and created.

Create a Budget

Budgets will be made and followed.

Mood Boards

Colors, Text, images to set the mood.


A wire design of the website

Design Comps

A complete image of the site.


Image and Keyword Optimization

File Transfer

Dropbox or OneDrive

and more...

Designing of the website will be charged at a $50.00 per hour rate.

Developing of the website will be charged at a $75.00 per hour rate.

A minimum of 8 hours is needed to set-up a WordPress website.

If you need assistance in maintaining the website we do offer this to our customers at an hourly rate of $75.00 per hour.

Website Design Cont.

Do not underestimate the importance of using white space in your design. It helps reduce the intellectual load for the customer, but it also makes it easier to interpret the information presented on the screen. Studies have shown that a user approaches a design layout, the first thing he/she tries to do is to scan the page and divide the content area into digestible pieces of information. Complex designs are harder to read, scan, analyze and work with. If you have the choice between separating two design segments by a visible line or by some whitespace, it’s usually better to use the whitespace solution. Also use the (KIS) principle “keep it simple” this should be the primary goal of site design. Users are rarely on a site to enjoy the design, in most cases they are looking for the information despite the design. Design for simplicity instead of complexity. From the visitors’ point of view, the best site design is a pure text, without any advertisements or further content blocks matching exactly the query visitors used or the content they’ve been looking for. This is one of the reasons why a user-friendly print-version of web pages is essential for good user experience.

As a website builder, I can honestly tell you that designing a website can be very time consuming not only just creating the template but also the up keep it takes to monitor the keywords, changing the titles adding content so your SEO profits. This takes months and months for it to take place. So, let us do it for you?

When we are creating Websites, we take a detailed approach in developing the materials by utilize techniques such as:

  • Project Managing (Define Overall Goals, Creating a Budget, Communication Brief, etc.)
  • Designing of the Site (Mood Boards, Wireframes, Design Comps)
  • If you could not find a domain name from using the domain finder on homepage we will give you options that are available.
  • We ask that all content that will be used in the website be submitted in a word format document (preferably)
  • Photos will have to be at their highest resolution, so we can fully optimize them.
  • An agreement signed on what changes are needed to be made.
  • 50% of the amount that was quoted to start the work.
Design for the simplest of minds.

Website Redesign

Many clients already have a website, and are only needing to update their site, clean-up the code, add in keywords for SEO, make it a responsive website, mobile friendly or for any reason.

We can help you fix your issues, items that will be needed for us to start this task will include but not limited to:

  • Login credentials for existing server Cpanel.
  • Login credentials for the CMS you might be using.
  • An agreement signed on what changes are needed to be made.
  • 50% of the amount that was quoted to start the work.
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